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The TEC073 is a mains powered control panel with built in backup battery charger. The unit under normal condition supplies 12 VDC power to a magnetic lock thus keeping the door locked. The unit monitors a door contact and will alarm on detecting the door forced open. When the master key is activated, power to the magnetic door lock will be removed. While the master key is activated the warning bell will be isolated and will not operate when the door is opened but if the door is opened the door open contact will change state. The door may be released by lifting the flap on the “emergency door release” call point and pushing the operating element. This will remove power to the magnetic door lock. The isolate emergency door release call point key may be used to "isolate" the "emergency door release" call point until the call point is reset. This action will also restore 12VDC power to the magnetic door lock.
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Once the call point is reset the user should de-isolate the emergency door release call point. When the door is opened (”door contact” goes open circuit) the “warning bell” will activate. When the door is closed (”door contact “goes short circuit) the “warning bell” will deactivate. If there is a disruption to the mains input the power supply will automatically switch to battery backup. The mains fail contact will change state and (if activated) the buzzer will sound, this buzzer is only silenced when the mains power is restored or the buzzer is disabled internally. The front panel will indicate this condition by eliminating the mains fail led until mains power is restored.

  • Stand alone with own power supply and backup batteries
  • Metal enclosure, lockable
  • Mains fail indication
  • Monitored door contact
MASS +/- 4KG DEPTH 75mm
HEIGHT 320mm BATTERIES 2 x 12V 7.5Ah
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