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Combat Fire applies as a minimum standard the ASIB rules. To this end all sprinkler systems that are designed and installed are specific to the building and risk that occurs. Sprinkler systems are as diverse as the occupants, materials used and stored as well as products manufactured.

We engage a scientific approach to the automatic control and suppression of fires when designing a sprinkler system and thus can cover a wide variety of conditions that exist.

Provided a building is properly designed, constructed and equipped with a good, correctly installed sprinkler system that is not impaired in any significant way, sufficient stability will be afforded to the structure under a fire condition by the sprinkler system.

Fire and spread of smoke will be minimised to the greatest extent as is practical.

Adequate means for detecting, fighting, controlling and extinguishing a fire is also provided


Between 1889 and 1919 there were twelve recorded deaths in sprinkler protected buildings.

Of these, four of which were firemen fighting the fires three were people suspected of going back into the burning building and there is no record of the other five.

Between 1897 and 1919 there were 20,097 recorded fires in sprinkler protected only 4.45% were not controlled by the equipment. Most failures were attributed to partial protection, frozen pipes, closed valves or inadequate water supplies.

The statistics in 2006 are almost identical in success rate and the failures are for the same reasons.


Whilst we understand that there are economic factors to consider when deciding on how much fire protection to put in and which rules to apply, a fire will not discriminate based on economics factors History should always be considered, if not we perpetuate the same mistakes and will be unable to design better systems. We pride ourselves on our history and since 1982 we have been able to grasp the client’s needs in order to supply the best product at the most reasonable price.

Combat fire employs its own installation staff, designers, assessors, technicians and engineers

We have designated design and project management department.

Although we are equipped to manufacture on site we have two factories in Johannesburg where most of the fabrication work takes place.

Rule 7028:

"All sprinkler installations, extensions, alterations, services and maintenance work shall be inspected by a third party independent inspection authority who shall issue a certificate of compliance where such work complies with the standard.

Self-certification is not acceptable, no person shall claim or declare that he or any other person complied with the standard unless such a claim or declaration is true and accurate in all material respects and has been verified by an independent third party inspection.

Sprinkler systems cannot be certified as being in compliance with or conforming to this standard by sprinkler contractors who carry out installation work or by any person who was commercially active in the installation under consideration.

The Inspection Authority shall have no commercial or vested interests in sprinkler system components".

Please Note:

Combat Fire, its employees, servants or contractors do not offer compliance certificates associated with Fixed Fire Sprinkler Systems. This is an ASIB function, we will however facilitate this inspection for you should you desire, additional costs may apply depending on your requirements and urgency of the required inspection, ASIB usually charges per head inspected.

The following is an extract from the ASIB rules 11th edition. Combat Fire supports and subscribes the ASIB and applies these rules as a minimum standard, the Sprinkler Installers of South Africa have also accepted these rules as the general standard to apply and it is my belief that they will soon be adopted as the national standard.

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