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About Combat Fire

Combat Fire is a group of companies dedicated to the design, supply, installation, maintenance and repair of all fire fighting control and suppression equipment.

We have been actively involved in the fire protection sector since 1982, applying our expertise to Portable Fire Extinguishers, Hose Reels, Hydrant Valves, Smoke Detection ( both Conventional and Addressable), Fire Suppression and Fixed Fire Sprinkler Systems, including Wet, Alternate Wet Dry , Dry , Pre-action , Multiple jet Controls(both medium and high velocity)Foam and Cycling systems.

"Effectively,Combat Fire has over a century
of experience in the control and prevention
of fire in both the industrial sector
and the domestic environment."

Combat fire can provide complete fire consulting and management services from technical operations , fire plans, rational designs, and safety audits Fire safety assessments to full hydraulic calculation and modelling.

Combat Fire is a long standing member of ASIB, FFETA, SABS, SAQCC (Fire), SAQCC (DGS) and FPA (SA). Other qualifications include SANAS lead and Technical Assessor, Mechanical Engineering, Motor Engineering and Electrical Engineering.

We have a walk in shop where anyone can view, test and buy Fire extinguishers, hose reels, hydrant Valves, fire blankets, smoke alarms, smoke detectors, and sprinkler control valves, flat hoses etc.

Bring in your old fire extinguishers and we will service, repair or recharge these while you wait.

If you can't get to us we’ll come to you or you can visit our online shop.

Fire statistics published by the Fire Protection Association of South Africa show that 376 South Africans died in the more than 40 000 fires that occurred in the country during 2007. As many as 9 746 fires were reported to have occurred in private homes during the same period, resulting in losses of more than R573bn.

In addition, a total number of 1 675 industrial fires occurred, resulting in losses of more than R314bn.

In 2008 (the midpoint of the five-year range of 2006-2010), people 65 and over made up only 13% of the U.S. population, but they accounted for 30% of the home fire deaths. Groups that are at highest risk based on their share of their population are not necessarily the most frequent victims. Although adults between 20 and 64 are not at high risk of fire death, these adults account for half (52%) of such fatalities. Children under 14 account for 20% of the population and 15% of the fire deaths. 37% of these fatalities never even woke up.

Considering that the estimated population of South Africa is more than 48.6 million strong, such statistics represent a 1 in 1 200 chance of suffering the devastating impact of a fire within the current year.

"It is common belief that
on average every person worldwide
shall experience a fire at least
once in their life."

The inevitability of a fire is a reality. It makes sense to use a company rich in history and experience who have highly qualified technical staff led by experienced professionals; engineers; technical and lead assessors.

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