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Complete Fire Protection And Control Solutions

Combat Fire is a group of companies dedicated to the design, supply, installation, maintenance and repair of all fire fighting control and suppression equipment.

We have been actively involved in the fire protection sector since 1982, applying our expertise to Portable Fire Extinguishers, Hose Reels, Hydrant Valves, Smoke Detection ( both Conventional and Addressable), Fire Suppression and Fixed Fire Sprinkler Systems, including Wet, Alternate Wet Dry, Dry, Pre-action, Multiple jet Controls(both medium and high velocity) Foam and Cycling systems.

Effectively Combat Fire has over a century of experience in the control and prevention of fire in both the industrial sector, and the domestic environment. Combat Fire is a long standing member of ASIB, FFETA, SABS, SAQCC (Fire), SAqcc (Dgs) and FPA (SA). Other qualifications include SANAS lead and Technical Assessor, Mechanical Engineering, Motor Engineering and Electrical Engineering.

Combat fire can provide complete fire consulting and management services from technical operations , fire plans, rational designs, and safety audits Fire safety assessments to full hydraulic calculation and modelling.


Training At Combat Fire


Combat Fire presents a fully comprehensive fire training program that it is widely accepted by the industry in terms of Health and Safety Compliance, our training program can be customised for self study as well as Instructor led modules and certification will be given to each candidate upon completion of the course.

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The Colors Of A Flame

Fire is a chemical reaction between oxygen molecules and some kind of fuel with heat as the catalyst. This "exothermic" reaction is a chemical or physical reaction that releases energy in the form of heat, sound and light emission that turns into the colourful flame.

As energy is never destroyed, only transferred, this energy will transfer to the immediate surroundings (via radiation, convection or conduction) giving rise to a chain reaction.

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